Tim, my roommate, was packing a bag for a weekend stay at his girlfriend's. Since I was going to be on campus all weekend, I was planning a triple header for all the fans I had accumulated since I started beating my meat online. Tim had no idea our dorm room had been turned into a live action theater, so I made sure to keep busy with other things until he left.

Once he was gone, I hauled out my bag of tricks, laying out big bottles of lube and baby oil, a few choice sex toys and a big rag to clean up the mess with. I normally blow my wad on my desk, but it helps to have the clean up gear handy after the show is completed. Before I turned on the cam, I changed into some sexy clothes. Most of the guys I entertain like to see me slowly strip, peeling off tank tops and shorts, and then finally a pair of tight briefs or a jockstrap. Tonight I was wearing a white mesh thong under a pair of nylon running shorts. I knew I couldn't stay in them for long; my cock was already stiff as stone and straining at the tight fabric.

I turned off all the lights except for the one at my desk, which illuminated my body like a spotlight. The door was locked, some soft music was playing and it was time for the fun to begin. I logged on and made sure the webcam was working, and then I popped into the chat room the host provides to see there were over thirty guys waiting to see me whack it. I like to chat with these guys before I begin; it gives all of us a more intimate feeling. After about fifteen minutes of sexy small talk, the guys were ready for the show to begin.

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